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We specialise in personal development and business strategy combined with online multi-channel technology services.



We will work with you do identify and analyse the problems in your business.



We can conduct customer, staff and market research to delve deeper into your business.



Implement innovative business strategy solution to transform your customers, people and systems.

  • Alan Thornburrow, CEO

    Scottish Investment opportunities
  • Sharon Bryan, Development Consultant, Coach and Trainer

  • Darran Hughes, Author, Speaker, Business owner

  • Stevie understands people and why we do what we do better than anyone I have ever met. He has studied NLP exclusively with co-founder Dr Bandler over a number of years but also draws heavily upon 25 years in business to create what is a life changing experience on his programmes for executives and senior teams. Stevie is a catalyst for change and strives to help people achieve beyond their self imposed limitations. I would highly recommend working with him.

  • Stevie has a tenacity not seen in many people and his passion and drive is second to none. I truly believe he has an astonishing ability to make a difference to individuals and this difference impacts on them their teams and organisations.

  • Stevie Kidd is a rare and refreshing change to the standard of business coaches I've experienced. His attention to what's going on for you is laser, his ability to isolate and expose what needs to change insightful! And when it comes to real change, it's INCREDIBLE!... Highly recommended!

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